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Black Heart
September 25, 2009, 10:13 am
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“It’s beautiful, the sky is silvery blue and I feel so refreshed by all the water. The grass was wet, but feels ticklish against my feet. I don’t understand why so much people leave here feeling down. I knew one thing for sure though; this isn’t the last time I would be making an appearance”

6 Days Earlier

As the doorbell rang, Gemima woke up with discontent; she strutted up to the door and asked who it was. “Delivery for you maam” said the post woman. Gemima was wearing her silver nightdress with the white lace at the back, her hair was a complete mess and her make-up had run. She opened the door to a middle aged Asian lady about 5’4 holding 5 A3 envelopes, “Are u dumb or just stupid” said Gemima pointing to the letter box. “Since when did they start hiring retards to deliver the post”, Gemima stopped talking and noticed the Asian lady grinning bare teeth back at her. “Delivery for you maam” repeated the lady pointing to her van. “Gemima now looked confused and watched the van begin to rock as a black man stepped out. He was built like an athlete and had his afro hair tied back into a pony tail. He walked over to the back of the van and removed a large cardboard box. He then proceeded to Gemima’s front door and said “Courtesy of Murky”, Gemima showed him to the living room and he placed the box on the floor. She saw him out and told him she would be in touch in two days.

Gemima went to the bathroom to shower and get ready for opening the box. As she stepped out the shower she noticed words written on her steamed up mirror, BLACK HEART. Gemima smiled and uttered to herself, “soon, very soon”. Gemima was now dressed and was applying her Goth like make-up, she didn’t like to wear subtle colours or be seen without makeup. She plaited her hair in two long ponytails and stood over her new package. As she opened the large box there were two packages inside, one was a slightly larger package than the other one. She took them both out and opened the smaller package first. It was a book engraved with picture of a Black heart on the front titled ‘Final Exit’. Gemima smiled and placed the book on the coffee table. She began to open the second package but was interrupted by the telephone ringing. Usually Gemima would ignore phone calls interrupting such an important moment, but she put the package down and went to answer the phone. “I trust you got what you wanted” said the voice, it was Murky. “Yes, I was just unravelling as you called” replied Gemima. “Where you unravel will have great impression on your final exit, so choose wisely. Keep in touch” warned Murky. With that the phone had died. Gemima replace the phone on the hook and looked at her second package, she wondered where would be best to open her package. She wanted it to be beautiful and full of heartache. She decided to wait until 4pm before she would set out on her journey to this beautiful place.

In the meantime Gemima went out to the store, not just any store this was an underground store that had fewer customers. As she entered the store she recognised the lady sitting at the desk, it was the Asian lady from earlier on this morning, she wasn’t wearing her post woman outfit anymore, and she now had on a long grey dress with various types of beads and jewels on. The Asian lady asked Gemima to follow her to the basement as she knew what Gemima was looking for. Gemima followed her through the beaded curtains and down the stairs into what looked like a room full of perfumes. The walls were a wine red and the floor was black as charcoal. The silver shelves along the walls had bottle after bottle of perfume. In the middle were a marble table and two comfortable looking chairs facing opposite each other. The lady asked Gemima to take a seat whilst she took 3 bottles of the shelves. As she joined Gemima at the table she said to her “My name is Lustre, I am here to shed light on your wants and needs, I can show you your less of life and aid you to succeed without shadows”. Gemima looked at the bottles Lustre had placed on the tables and asked Lustre whether this is what she is looking for. “These bottles are to guide you to your goal, each bottle can only be used once and each have different uses, I appear in many disguises and this that I am using now is still not my true form, My advice to you is not to judge a book by it’s cover” Warned Lustre. Gemima placed the bottles in her bag and headed towards home. As she walked home she passed a tall blonde man sharing an ice cream with his dog. This did not disgust Gemima as she understood the love between a human and a canine. She too had a love for pets, though not your conventional type. As she got home she rushed to her bedroom to pack some things for her journey to this beautiful place she now had in mind. She put on her black leather trousers, a bright pink top and a black leather jacket. She packed a bag full of her essentials for unravelling her package and loaded the book and the package into her burgundy Ford Fiesta. Gemima pulled up next to a rusty brown gate, it was about 12ft tall, and there was a cream board with writing on it.’ LAKER CEMETARY’ Gemima got out of the car with all her stuff and walked through the gates to find a spot to set her package down, she walked for ages around the cemetery before she decided on settling on the grass in-between two oak trees facing all the tombstones. She set the book on the grass next to her unopened package and began to unravel it. As she completely unravelled it she felt a speck of water touch her nose, she looked up and it had started to rain, she looked back at her now opened package and said “It’s beautiful, the sky is silvery blue and I feel so refreshed by all the water. The grass was wet, but feels ticklish against my feet. I don’t understand why so much people leave here feeling down. I knew one thing for sure though; this isn’t the last time I would be making an appearance”


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September 25, 2009, 10:10 am
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